The Emergency Medical Retrieval Service (EMRS) aims to support emergency care in rural areas in the following ways:

  1. Improved support and expert advice for rural practitioners and community hospitals.
  2. Improved and more rapid provision of critical care interventions and definitive surgical care – facilitating equity of access for all.
  3. Improved safety and standard of transfer of critically ill patients in accordance with the UK and international guidelines.
  4. Optimal triage for critically ill patients and a reduction in further transfers.
  5. Introduction of an integrated and well governed system of rural emergency care in the form of a Managed Clinical Network (MCN).
  6. Improvement in survival and functional outcome for seriously ill and injured patients.
  7. Improved training in emergency care and transfer and empowerment for rural healthcare professionals
  8. Supply of an appropriately skilled and equipped consultant team to help manage major incidents involving multiple casualties in remote areas, including on site triage, patient stabilisation and safe transfer.

EMRS patient information leaflet